Antenna Tracker Scanning Constantly

Hello I have a Cube Black setup on an antenna tracker with RFD900 antenna connected in TELEM1 to another Cube black on a quad. When turning on my antenna Tracker I see that my RFDs have linked with each other (solid green) but the antenna tracker will only spin in all axis for awhile then stop and spin again as if it cannot find the vehicle. Additionally when I connect my GCS to the Antenna Tracker I see “Internal Error 0x1000” not sure if this is another issue or just something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have followed the guide on the ardupilot forums and tuned the boundaries on my servos. I am not sure if my comm setup is missing a step or why I cannot seem to connect the two together.

I would like to add, I tried a setup with RDX900 between GCS and antenna tracker, then 3DRS between antenna tracker and another autopilot running a SITL mission. Even then the antenna tracker does not stop its random scanning.