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Antenna tracker point to specific locations

(Adam Kelly) #1

I haven’t used antenna tracking before so I’m hoping someone can tell me if this specific use case is possible. I want to build an antenna tracker to point at specific locations, rather than at a moving drone. Basically the tracker will be used to point a directional 3G antenna at cell tower locations when I move from one static location to another. I know where each cell tower is that will provide me the best reception, so rather than manually aiming it when I stop at each place I’m hoping the antenna tracker can just be made to point at the tower.

I welcome your thoughts!



(Peter Hall) #2

not possible current, sorry

You could open a feature request on github.

(Adam Kelly) #3

bugger, thanks. I think it might be simpler with a Rpi and a compass module though.



(rmackay9) #4

There’s an issue here on the issues list that covers this request. It’s not horribly difficult to do but you know… so many things already on the plate…

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(Adam Kelly) #5

all good - I think I can achieve most of what I need with a simple antenna rotator run off an arduino.

(Gerard Lancaster) #6

I have a similar aspiration.

I would like to construct a 3 axis antenna stabiliser to fit to a boat that will maintain a directional antenna pointing to a communication mast ashore.

I need to work in 3D as I am specifically trying to avoid multipath problems as a result of reflections from the water.

It looks like all the primitives I need exist but if anyone has had experience of driving gimbals, etc including the physical construction I would love to hear from you!

(Peter Hall) #7

you can do this with the vehicle codes and a do_set_roi command for a external gimbal.

(Gerard Lancaster) #8

Excellent thanks!

I will wade the manual!