Another strange occurance

I just set up a new plane but am using parameters from the same exact airframe that I was using before and am having a very strange issue.

I am starting to get pretty good at reviewing these logs, but, am at a loss for this one.

If you look, as soon as the plane goes into “Auto” mode it cuts the throttle to 0% even though it is well below the desired altitude. The other strange part is the plane pitches up to climb, but, cuts throttle to 0. I can’t seem to figure out why. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Everything seems to be working perfectly today. Seems like it may have been some sort of glitch or bug which is slightly concerning.

I’ve seen other reports of the throttle cutting in auto mode. Perhaps there is an intermittent bug.

That is concerning… The only thing I can think of for this issue is since the waypoint when it switched to Auto was set to 1 which is the Takeoff waypoint and it requires a acceleration rate for it to turn on the throttle, maybe for some reason it did not recognize that it was already in the air to complete the take off sequence and was looking for that minimum acceleration to turn the motors on?

Since the elevator moves up and the plane tries to climb, the only oddety is the throttle going to 0% and allowing the plane to drop below the stall speed before we took back over into manual mode. I can’t think of any other scenario where the throttle would be completely cut with everything else responding correctly.

The only other weird thing that i noticed is the “Desired pitch” is almost flat lined in that log. not sure what happened there either.

Any idea’s on this one?

I think this was the problem and the solution.