Another old APM Revival Question

I am trying to revive and old 3DR APM 2.5 quad mostly just to see if the motors and frame can be used if I upgrade it to a Pixhawk. I still cannot get it to arm and stay armed long enough to lift it off. If I force it via tablet/telemetry radio it immediately goes to disarmed.

I pulled it apart and re-calibrated everything. I went through the motor test successfully. ESCs are calibrated (although the all-at-once is a little confusing) The tablet says it is locked on to 10 satellites. Battery is full.

  1. Can I find something in a log file that will indicate why it is failing?

  2. Is there a way to just force it to lift off? Just want to see if the ESC/Motor/Frame is still usable not fly it.

What firmware are you running? (Should be < or = to 3.2.1). Could be it’s failing arming checks, you could disable those if you just want an overall “esc/motor” working test.

Running 3.2.1 since I reloaded/recalibrated everything.

Where exactly do I do this? I find the Failsafe menu kind of confusing. How do I disable checking altogether?

Wiki doth tell all