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Another noob question

(RickyG) #1

Another question that I can’t find an answer too.
I am wanting to use qGroundcontrol on various drones I have. However some have gimbals and some do not. You can configure the app to manage your gimbal or camera, record, stop recording and so on. But what i don’t get is whether this config once set is global or if in some way its model specific. If it is I have not figured out how that works. If it doesn’t then how does the community move the app from machine to machine if the config is different.

(DonLakeFlyer) #2

The answer is “it depends”. Application settings can be found under the “Q” icon. Anything in there would need to be replicated on a new computer. Vehicle settings, which are stored on the vehicle are found under the Setup Gear icon. Anything set there will remain even if you connect to the vehicle from a different computer.