Another flip on start APM 2.8

I have strange issue.
I have assembled F450 with APM 2.8, NEO 8N GPS,
920kV Brushless motors 2212 with 30A Symonc ESC, and of course I use Mission Planner.
When I tried to start my drone for the first time, when I armed it, I see that my propellers are rotating in the right direction, but one of them is rotating obviously slower than the others, when I increase the tхrotle, I already can not see the difference, because they all are rotating too fast,
But when I increase more the trotle the drone take off only on the one side and flips.

What is the problem,
I tried calibrating the ESCs several times, - 4 at once and manually one by one, when I calibrate the ESC, it seems that the motors are spinning with the same speed.

Thanks in Advance

This the same issue: