Announcing QGroundControl 3.2

Announcing QGroundControl 3.2
We are happy to announce the release of QGroundControl 3.2. New versions are available for Windows, Linux, OSX, Android and iOS. QGroundControl provides full flight control and mission planning for any MAVLink enabled drone. It provides configuration for ArduPilot or PX4 Pro powered vehicles. Its primary goal is ease of use for first time and professional users.

You can install QGroundControl 3.2 from here.

Tip More detailed release notes for version 3.2 can be found here.

This section contains a high level and non-exhaustive list of new features added to QGroundControl in version 3.2.

  • Settings

    • File Save path - Specify a save path for all files used by QGC.
    • Telemetry log auto-save - Telemetry logs are now automatically saved without prompting.
    • AutoLoad Plans - Used to automatically load a Plan onto a vehicle when it first connects.
    • RTK GPS - Specify the Survey in accuracy and Minimum observation duration.
  • Setup

    • ArduPilot only
      • Pre-Flight Barometer and Airspeed calibration - Now supported
      • Copy RC Trims - Now supported
  • Plan View

    • Plan files - Missions are now saved as .plan files which include the mission, geo-fence and rally points.
    • Plan Toolbar - New toolbar which shows you mission statistics and Upload button.
    • Mission Start - Allows you to specify values such as flight speed and camera settings to start the mission with.
    • New Waypoint features - Adjust heading and flight speed for each waypoint as well as camera settings.
    • Visual Gimbal direction - Gimbal direction is shown on waypoint indicators.
    • Pattern tool - Allows you to add complex patterns to a mission.
      • Fixed Wing Landing (new)
      • Survey (many new features)
    • Fixed Wing Landing Pattern - Adds a landing pattern for fixed wings to your mission.
    • Survey - New features
      • Take Images in Turnarounds - Specify whether to take images through entire survey or just within each transect segment.
      • Hover and Capture - Stop vehicle at each image location and take photo.
      • Refly at 90 degree offset - Add additional pattern at 90 degree offset to original so get better image coverage.
      • Entry location - Specify entry point for survey.
      • Polygon editing - Simple on screen mechanism to drag, resize, add/remove points. Much better touch support.
  • Fly View

    • Arm/Disarm - Available from toolbar.
    • Guided Actions - New action toolbar on the left. Supports:
      • Takeoff
      • Land
      • RTL
      • Pause
      • Start Mission
      • Resume Mission - after battery change
      • Change Altitude
      • Land Abort
      • Set Waypoint
      • Goto Location
    • Remove mission after vehicle lands - Prompt to remove mission from vehicle after landing.
    • Flight Time - Flight time is shown in instrument panel.
    • Multi-Vehicle View - Better control of multiple vehicles.
  • Analyze View - New

    • Log Download - Moved to Analyze view from menu
    • Mavlink Console - NSH shell access
  • Support for third-party customized QGroundControl

    • Standard QGC supports multiple firmware types and multiple vehicle types. There is now support in QGC which allows a third-party to create their own custom version of QGC which is targeted specifically to their custom vehicle. They can then release their own version of QGC with their vehicle.



Than you thank you thank you thank you. What an amazing app :slight_smile: Could we please have the option of taking photos alongside the ability to take videos.

Thank you for your hard work and efforts, I really love this app.

The little panel which is under the compass has multiple pages. First pages shows values like altitude. Click it and you will evntually get to the camera page which allows you to trigger a camera. Better camera support is coming in 3.3.

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I’m BRAND NEW to QGroundControl and it really has saved my mind and sanity! Used to take my hours to get the right combination of unplugging and replugging and off and on and ok clicks to get any update to work in MP.

I clicked one button and it was done in seconds on QGC!! Thank you!!

Glad you like it. Thanks for the feedback.

I had a firmware upgrade issue - couldn’t update from Arducopter 3.5.3 to 3.5.4 (or anything else)

I was using Ubuntu 17.10 for some time and parameters and everything else had been working OK.
I was able to test-fly on AC3.5.3, save parameters to a file, then started trying to update…
Pixfalcon almost seemed bricked except that it was always recognised but just wouldn’t update nor boot up into Arducopter.
Tried different versions of QGC (including the latest) and APM-Planner but no luck, couldn’t flash any firmware versions at all.

I had to build a new Ubuntu 16.04 (gnome) , installed QGC appimage (and fixes for dial-out group and modemmanager) - was able to flash AC 3.5.4 straight away, parameters intact, quick test flight all OK.

Sidenote: I use virtualbox for a lot and it’s quick/easy to set up a new VM with a different O/S or linux version, and the USB passthrough works just fine even for flashing firmware.

I’ve found that fashing firmware from inside a VM is hit or miss.

Yes i used to expect that too, but I’ve now had more luck with my VM’s in virtualbox on win7x64 than my physical laptop since i updated it to 17.10 from 16.04

I am sorry, but where i could download it without using google play service? Thanks.
Find it here: