[Announcement] Obstacle Avoidance Framework


We have just published Collision Avoidance Library, a framework for testing and benchmarking collision avoidance strategies. Please don’t let the name fool you, this is not about ACAS, ADS-B and similar.

Our main objective is to foment research and development of obstacle avoidance for drones. We want to make it easier for everyone working on this field to focus on the development and experimentation of obstacle detection algorithms and obstacle avoidance strategies by abstracting cumbersome parts of drone development and providing simulation tools and automated test execution to keep code in shape and help to avoid regressions.

This project is still young and has a lot of room for improvements, but the all major pieces are in place for you to try out.

So, if you have interest on this field or are just curious to know more, please take a look in our project at:


Also, take a look on our Wiki for more detailed information.

We will be more than glad to receive your feedback (and patches :slight_smile: )!

Coav development team.


Intel Realsense support! :slight_smile:
You guys are awesome :thumbsup:

Thanks Arjun!

We hope to add support to newer RS cameras soon, so stay tuned!