Andruav Gamepad Connection?

I tried to follow the instructions at the following site to investigate the use of Andruav on my Rover:

At one point the instructions say the following:
For Windows you can just plug you xbox-360 gamepad directly and it will be detected by Windows with no extra settings.

When I press RX On as instructed none of the gamepad functions do anything on the Rover? Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

I installed Andruav_AP on my Android phone. My gamepad is an XBOX 360 wired gamepad. I’m thinking maybe I don’t have a clue how RC Settings work in the Andruav_AP app?

When I turn RX On in the Drone Engage Web Client the gamepad display turns on and the gamepad sticks clearly indicate the sticks are working but the Rover does not respond to throttle or roll gamepad inputs?


If Andruav shows the sticks moving on the little gamepad display then it should work. The Rover was of course armed and in Manual or Acro mode? Maybe provide an onboard log from the vehicle if you’ve got one.

I’ve used the Andruav gamepad successfully.

FYI @MHefny

@dwiener Thank you for rising this issue. yes it was working perfectly, and then after last fix it has been broken.

I have uploaded a fix version 5.2.7
Note that RC works in two ways.
in Guided Mode it uses speed to navigate rather than sending msg_rc_channels_override messages. Other modes it sends msg_rc_channels_override. This is valid for rover & quad.

Done. Anruav_AP has been released version 5.2.7

Got it!

Mohammad, XBOX 360 wired gamepad, XBOX 360 wireless gamepad and Taranis radio in joystick emulator mode all work well.

Randy, it was your video on YouTube that convinced us to investigate Andruav.

Thanks to both of you for sorting this out : )


When I use my Taranis radio in joystick emulator mode and turn RX On in “” there are four Mode selection options.

Could a fifth Mode selection option be added similar to Mode 4 but with the throttle on the left stick? So left stick up and down is throttle and right stick left and right are steering?

If you were now to switch RX Off in the web client the transmitter sticks would function the same as they did in the web client.

The XBOX 360 gamepads work great but I think the steering control from my transmitter in joystick emulation mode is more subtle.


In case it helps you can remap the RC inputs by changing the RCMAP parameters…