Andropilot now has 2hr battery life and some other new featu

thx Randy for the new fault bits - This will go out to non beta testers in about a week (or join the beta group if you want it now)


  • ac3.1rc5 now reports gps, magnetometer and rc radio faults - Speak announce such faults (thx Randy)
  • Run speech daemon in the background - this allows speech notifications while phone is asleep in your pocket.
  • Spend a bit more time with power profiling. Using a more efficient version of the mavlink code saves a lot of battery. A Nexus 7 should now be able to log for almost 2 hours per charge.
  • Fix more minor autobugs

If it stops raining I will go out and fly, seems that you bring weather around here with your updates! Anyhow, one thing i have not mentioned is that the zoom into position when the vehicle gets its GPS position seems to be broken. It could of course, just be me!

Hi Gary,

Is it possible you’ve turned that feature off? (There is a checkbox in settings for ‘center map on vehicle’)