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Android usb connection to Samsung J5 2017

(Sergio Szabo) #1

I would like to use QGC Android to review my Pixhawk setup (parameters list) or its status at the air field.
Is it possible?

Moreover, I tried to connect my Samsung J5 to my Pixhawk through OTG cable and QGC.
Some communications appear since my J5 show the satellite map targeted by the Pixhawk GPS, but QGC reports the message “waiting for vehicle connection”.

Any idea?
Thanks a lot.

(DonLakeFlyer) #2


That is just the location of the android device. Without a communication link you won’t get any information from the vehicle.

How are you communicating with the vehicle while flying. SiK Radio? WiFi? Have you tried connecting using those?

(Sergio Szabo) #3

Thanks for replying.
No, I didn’t try yet.
I’ll go through WIFI.
Have you any suggestion for a valuable (cheap) module to be applied to the Pixhawk P4?
My goal will be to check parameters and setup in pre-flight only.
Maybe a bluetooth could be enough.
Any input from you will be appreciated.

(DonLakeFlyer) #4

If all you want is pre-flight then WiFi should work fine. Bluetooth is flaky and I wouldn’t recommend it.