Android Source Compile

Hello All,

I am an Android Developer. I want to build the Mission Planner Android source code and build an APK. In this link, Releases · ArduPilot/MissionPlanner · GitHub
I can see compiled Android apk’s and the source looks to be Visual Studio. I have exposure to C# and .net. What would be the best way to compile the .net code into Android apk or is there another source base which I missed.


open MissionPlannerLib.sln in visual studio 2022

Thank you Michael. I did that and was able to bring up the desktop version of MP. How ever what I am not clear is, how to use that source base to make an android apk. Please share some tips or point me to the right documentation. I just want to modify few options to suit my need.

open missionplannerlib.sln NOT missionplanner.sln