Android Mission Planner Please O Please Mr Oborne

Dear Mr Oborne,I hope you had a great time at the DoneX show in London and that London Town was kind to you.

I have a very big request for you and maybe not possible and I do understand if not,I am using Mission planner on my laptop and really do love it and it is the bees knees,but on my hand set I am using Qgroundcontrol and just find it so so hard to use compared to MP.

So could we have a really good Android version of MP so I can use it on my hand set,and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do on Mission Planner and how you help the Ardupilot community.

Thank you Marty.

I thought Mission Planner was implemented on Android.

The problem was that the user interface isn’t really designed to function on small touch screens.

On a larger tablet with a stylus, it might be more usable.

But for operation on a smart phone, Qgroundcontrol is the better option.


I just do not like Qgroundcontrol and find mission planner way better,but each to there own

Its on the play store,


Thank you Pete,but not sure if it is me but it is very buggy maybe me expecting to much and thank you

Hi Pete I just checked and I see a new mission planner on playstore mine was installed a long time ago will give it a go,Cheers

There is one fundamental issue:
Mission Planner is originally written for Windows.
In the past, God knows how many years, Michael made a heroic effort to make it available on other platforms, using the open-source MONO library, which replaces the Windows native .net libraries., using OpenGL, and so on… Due to the limitations of the Android platform and the mono framework, despite the effort, it won’t be the same on Android as on Windows.
As mentioned, there is also a problem with the GUI; since Winforms GUI is quite old and it wasn’t designed for small screens and touch-only interfaces, the usability will be quite limited.
Without investing an extremely large amount of time and resources into it (Enough to start a new multiplatform GCS), the best that we can have is the current Android version, which is working, but in some areas, it is limping a little.


Thank you Andras for that info,I am used to MP and find QGC awkward to use,and recently I was looking to use loiter turns on it and could not find info on there wiki or when I asked question it went unanswered on there forum,I can take my laptop with me and connect handset with it.I just love MP

Im hugely impressed by the android MP, and have been using it a lot
Samsung galaxy s20 ultra.
Yep - its got a few windows weirdnessess, but they are minor. I was surprised to see all the RTK GPS functionality working out of the box. Only thing missing i see is joystick support, but we cant have everything in life.


Thanks Paul,I will just except it as it is,lets be very honest Ardupilot and Mission Planner are ace and what the developers do for me and the community is just pure awesomeness,in hindsight I was just being nitty picking and I am sorry.

And there is no plugin support on Android, which is a big issue, especially when you start customizing…

I keep switching between the two.
Often use MP desktop version for analysis, more specific mission planning and some other features not found in QGC.
But do like the look and feel of QGC on Android as it suits my needs better on those smaller screens. As I use an Android based controller I just copy mission files across.

Also QGC was never intended for those smaller screens. This can be seen by those unproportionate large instruments and certain elements overlapping at times. Even Don Lake Flyer mentioned on Github that it was not a priority compared to keeping other versions up to date.

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What ardupilot needs is a web interface.

NTRIP option for GPS RTK in Mission Planner Android doesn’t work. I checked on android phone and android tablet. The same settings works on Windows. What I am doing wrong ?

As usual I can answer myself. I had to do long press in PLAN view and set “SET HOME Here” and that helped :slight_smile:

Im glad to hear RTK works, the only thing that stops me from using it in the field is the lack of joystick support, the menu is there but nothing is detected.