Android GPS mock using SiK radio in Rover build

I have a boat build with pixhawk, Rover 4.1 and m8n GPS.
Im using SiK radio telemetry with USB OTG extension to connect my android Tab.

Is there any way to mock/fake GPS position of my tablet directly from the telemetry?

I need this for my chart plotter app which uses internal GPS data to show current position of the boat.
Ive tried several apps like RTKGPS+ and developer tools on Android, but i think noone od them support mavlink.

Mock GPS apps typically requires their own GPS to work.

Not sure if you use the boat for fishing and you also do not state which mapping app you use. But the Carp Pilot Pro app will probably solve this problem for you. Right now, mock GPS utilizing the GPS connected to the Pixhawk works for apps like Google Maps and Deeper (using “boat mode”). Optional switch to turn this on, and to get it to work the same Carp Pilot Pro then needs to be selected as mock position provider app in the developer settings.
If you use the Navionics app, then this week the “NMEA broadcast” was introduced as a beta feature. Just flip the separate switch to turn it on, no need to set the app as mock provider for this to work and also no need to disable positioning in the Android settings.

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Hi olav,

It is my understanding that carp pilot software is built on tower?

Certainly the app store says so, that being the case where can I get a copy of the source under gpl3?

Thanks in advance