Android app for S.Port Passthrough?

I am searching for an Android App that can handle the S.Port Passthrough data from Ardupilot (I am interested in the text messages, therefore non-passthrough Frsky-telemetry is not an option). I find a lot of Apps, that can handle plain mavlink data, but I do not use any external telemetryradio. I can interface the telemety stream from my FrSky module to my phone via usb- or bluetooth-serial. I use a rc-radio which can not handle the lua apps available.
An arduino program, that displays everything on an oled or lcd screen would also be an option.

Any Ideas for my setup?



Or even better would be a passthrough to Mavlink converter. Does such a thing exist?

Hey man you can check this out

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

I can not see anything that does support passthrough in this video. Did I miss something?

Now , i couldn’t understand what’s your meaning , what you want ?

Some way of displaying the Frsky Passthrough Telemetry (not regular FrSky Telemtry). Either with an app on my phone, or a Passthrough-to-Mavlink converter (Mavlink data can be displayed by multiple apps). The difference between the normal and passthrough telemetry is, that passthrough also sends the textmessages from the FC. The app you suggest only seems to be able to display normal Frsky Telemetry, but correct me, if I am wrong


this app was developed to show INAV related telemetry data.

exactly, inav does not use passthorugh as far as I know

Yeah you are right , so you can choose 433 or 9xx telemetry module and use mission planner or QGC on Android :sunglasses:

well, I guess I have to be more specific next time, do I?