Analyzing Logs and Params of large (29" Props) Quad and Hex Copters - Pixhawk Cube Black

Hi, thanks for reply…
We have calibrated ESCs using the autocalibration method of arducopter i.e. calibration mode on autopilot reboot. Certainly, we have verified that all motors start at the same throttle value. Then, we have set the following MOT parameters:
These were the values which we thought as the essential params for flight. Do u think that there is some other essential parameter which is essential for flight performance.
Lastly, regarding airframe, this is one of the airframe manufactured by YANGDA Manufacturing (Chinese Company) and we are just using it. So, i am afraid we cannot do much regarding airframe, apparently seems ok.
I would appreciate ur further advice/guidance…
Yasir Khizar

Please take the time to read and follow the instructions I sent you.

Okz… I shall be configuring all of them and will come up with results…
Yasir Khizar

Hi, The MOT params are configured as suggested; parametric file is attached herewith.

Today, we carried out 3 flights; there was wind of about 6 m/sec with strong gusts (logs are att.). In all the flights, the bird was thrown away by wind and we found a huge roll angle (almost 25 degrees without RC input) thereby settling down after split seconds. Can u please have a look at the logs and suggest regarding params adjustments in order to improve flight characteristics.

Yasir Khizar

Have you followed the whole process in those instructions on the wiki page I sent you?

Yes, i have tried to follow all… Except for PID tuning which we are trying to set manually, i think i have followed most of the instructions. What is the major issue with the params/logs? Can u plz tell/identify the major issue as it wud be of a great help…

@Yasir_khizar: Please read and follow all the AruCopter PID tunning instructions as posted by Leonard.

Why do I get the feeling you have not taken the time to read that page:

I went to a fair amount of effort to describe how to

Can you look at the log and comment on Actual Pitch/Roll and Desired Pitch/Roll graphs? What do you think are the gains low or high by looking at the graphs?
Pl comment on the log file graphs!

I am leaving this chat and will no longer be replying here. Goodbye and good luck.

Sorry if anything offended you! I’m just curious about the problem on this log and needed your comment and insight! I have problems similar to this one.
Previously I was just a silent reader of the forum but as this is some issue I can relate to that’s why I made my account and asked you! I sincerely apologise if you thought anything otherwise!

Then create a new post with details of your issue and perhaps someone will help.