Analytics crash EKF2 ERR 24 and EV 24 upper > 4m 3.4.6 quad

Hello friends,

i need help with the “stable” version 3.4.6
since this update, this woodcore quadcopter
Pixhawk PX4,
Emax MT2213-935KV,
1038 Prop, Simonk30A, 4S 5000mAh
stuck about 4m and fall from the sky…
We test it in field with high cerials and repeat this issue.

What is ThH ?
2017-05-26 13-17-40-crash.log (1.7 MB)

17-03-16-CNC-Wood-Pixhawk-parameter.param (11.5 KB)

Video below 13ft

we have no clue why it happen.

Looks like a hardware failure on motor 3 from my perspective. Shortly before the crash, stability was lost, and a deviation was observed between attitude and desired attitude:

Looking at the RC outputs, something appears to have gone wrong with motor 3 earlier in the flight, which eventually led to the instability:

It’s not conclusive, but the crash might have been caused by a motor failure, ESC failure, or a prop coming loose.

thanks for the quik diag.
Do you think this setup is overloaded?
Motor 3 RCOU between 1800 1902…
This is to much for only static hover?

If you look at the PWM position before the issue, it’s in a reasonable 1500-1650 range, so I wouldn’t consider it overloaded.

You right.
Today controller 1 give up.
Lucky, it gone on ground level.