Analysis error VCC Warn

Running auto analysis on VCC Warn was issued while on the graph those differences never happened. Could anyone figure out what is this about ?

I am having the same issue on MP 1.3.41 My graphs show no spikes but I am getting widely varying VCC warns. Everything from .6V to 2.2V warnings. If that were true, the copter would crash. All my voltages are steady, +/- .1V

Same here, but warnings up to ±6V. Some kind of reporting issue. But since I’ve been using 3.4 beta and not a regular release, I paid no attention after checking my logs.

Just checked with MP and log analysis gives:
Test: VCC = WARN - VCC min/max diff 2.86361v, should be <0.3v whereas graphed Vcc has a variance of 0.12V.

One of them is wrong but which one?

I’m getting “Test: VCC = FAIL - VCC below minimum of 4.6v (0.01057837v)”
I’m using 1.3.41

Does that suggest it found a data point near 4.59v? My plots show no less than 4.97v. Pics attached.

please post logs. make it hard to check it when ive got nothing to check against

Sorry, Michael. Here’s the log associated with the images above.

looks like the vcc error is because of a arducopter versions issue
fix is here