Analog sonar support on pixhawk

Hello, I am trying to have an analog sonar MB1240 working with pixhawk and Copter 3.4.3 with no success. I change the following parameters but I cannot receive any distance measurements. I have checked the cable and the sensor and ar ok. Can you provide some guidance

RNGFND_PIN = “15” # although wiki mentions 14
RNGFND_MAX_CM = “700” (i.e. 7m max range) if using EZ0 or EZ4, “1000” if using EZL0
RNGFND_SCALING = “2.04” (i.e. 7m / 5v) if using EZ0 or EZ4, “4.08” (i.e. 10m / 5v) if using EZL0
RNGFND_TYPE = “1” (Analog)

MIne is the same - wired as the image below ( from the wiki)

However I installed a cap/resistance to get rid of noise.

My parameters are:

RNGFND_MAX_CM = “500” Better lower it and have proper readings

Why did you change the pin to 15? Have you confirmed with an multimeter that the voltage on the signal pin is oscillating?