Analog Sensor Input in APM2.5 - With Log and Telemetry

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Actually Iā€™m in charge of developing ProjectEMS - EMS00A.
Here there are some explanations. If you click on the image, you can see jpg and pdf writed in English.

Today I would ask you this:
Is possibile to connect a sensor with 3 pin servo contecto to apm 2.5?
The pinout of the sensor is - AnalogSignal +
I need to store the analog value that this sensor give and I need to send this value at the ground station with Mission Planner/APM Planner (433Mhz Telemtry). And I also need the value on the logs.

I explain myself better: I need to use my drone to measure value such CO2, LPG, CH4, etc.
And for this I would like to use APM2.5.

So, APM is already capable of storing Analog data and send it to ground station via telemetry without modfy the code? And it is also possible to store these data on the logs?
If I need to modify the code, where I can look? Any suggestion?

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I am doing similar but using a Raspberry Pi to collect the data. I would not want to give the flight controller more work to do. Its busy flying.