Analog input logging

Hi, I’m looking a way to log a pH meter with pixhawk and ardurover. How can I config AP in order to do that?


What the output protocol and range?

There is not a protocol, just an analog output from 0 to 5V (I need to calibrate the sensor in order to know exact range, but it will be between 0-5V).


You have a few choices. There are 2 ADC inputs, one for 3.3V max and the other with a voltage divider on the input with 6.6V max. Or there is an RSSI input to 3.3V MAX. Rangefinders are typically used on the 3.3V ADC, Analog Airspeed sensors on the 6.6V ADC.

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ok, but what parameters do I need to set in order to get one of those AI to be logged and scaled? I can’t find anything on documentation

Sure there is: (see the note about RSSI input here also)

I would use the RSSI input with your own voltage divider. Scaling it will be simple using the parameters available.

Oh! Ok I see, I was looking for a raw analog input but I can use RSSI input.