Analog fuel level sensor no work on arducopter 4.3


On hybrid multirotor I tryed to make the fuel level sensor working setting BATT2_TYPE to 24 “analog fuel level sensor” seting all the parameters as explained on the arducopter wiki, but this no work.

Fuel Flow and Level Sensors — Copter documentation (

to get arround I set it as analog voltage sensor… and it work like this, but it’s less well integrated.

Does anybody can make correction for the next AC 4.3.4 ?

Kind regards.

Could you share a dataflash log?

the only thing you will see is the correctly setup batt2 params as marked on the wiki.

As explained, it always return zero battery_voltage 2 , and current2 is zero.

Alos as explained, the pin is correctly set with the BATT2_FL_PIN (set to 14 for the CUAV X7 adc 3V3 port.)

When using it as voltage sensor it’s working well with the same port set in the BATT2_VOLT_PIN.

Can you just try it ?

for me it appears as it no work in copter firmware.

It works well in plane firmware.

I just tested Copter 4.3.3 and master branch Copter. Everything is working on my side. One guess without a dataflash log is you have 2 battery monitors using the same ADC pin.

The dataflash log will have more details about your set up. If you would like to share it privately, you may.