Analog airspeed sensor aspd-7002 setup

I am seeking confirmation if I have setup my Matek Airspeed sensor correctly and if the calibration data looks correct.

The reason I ask this question is that when I blow on the tube I don’t see numbers changing on the MP HUD.

Parameters are set as such:

The calibration log during FBWA mode shows this but I don’t know the difference between AS and GS?

What kind of FC are you connecting it to? You may have to change the ARSPD_PIN value. Here’s what Matek has to say:

It’s a F765 setup as Pin 10 per the document.

Please confirm:
GS = Ground Speed or GPS Speed
AS = Airspeed from Sensor? Then what is Airspeed option on the HUD?

GS is ground speed. Calculated from the GPS.
AS is airspeed. Either from the sensor, or synthetic if the sensor is not available.

Thanks for the clarification. So when I blow over the pitot tube, neither AS or Airspeed value changed. However, the calibration data log shows ARSP matches closely with GPS calculated speed. Also, the offset and Aspect ratio changed during the calibration flight.
So does it mean Airspeed sensor working?

In your screen shot I’m guessing your powered by USB since the BAT voltage is so low. What happens when you power by a battery? Do you get airspeed then?

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That was it. I was using only the USB power. Once connected with battery and USB thru the mission planner, I start to see numbers change.

Thanks Allister!

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