Anafi Thermal Mission writting

I’m trying to use Mission Planner (1.3.74) for sending WPs to an Anafi Thermal. I can connect fine to the Anafi (UDP), get access to its position and sensors infos, but I cannot read neither write wps from/on it. The error MP sends me is not very clear (to me) and I heavily suspect that I’m missing a step. Does any of you already tried to control an Anafi (Mission planning and triggering Cameras) with MP ? If yes feedbacks would be greatly appreciated.

Still trying to find a way. In the meantime if anyone has feedback with Anafi or other parrot drones, this would be greatly appreciated

@khancyr might have a suggestion

might need a tlog showing the problem

The key thing is that anafi uses Parrots mavlink variant, so only a subset of messages and commands are common with ArduPilot. The specifics of that subset depends on the anafi variant.
@khancyr has done some work that is related but I’m not sure of the current status.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your answer,
here enclosed
2020-11-12 16-06-57.tlog (349.2 KB)

i dont see a mission upload attempt in that log.

and yes the messages in this log may not work in MP, as the subset of messages are not common to one implemented inside MP, as ardupilot doesnt use them.


Thank you Michael,
I’ll try an other alternative then.
Such a pity
Thanks for your time

You may have more luck with QGC.
I will ask Parrot how to use MAVLink waypoint

im not saying it wont work. its just i dont have enough info atm to even tell if it would work

Perfectly understood. How could I help/what could I share to advance on this topic ?