Anaconda Fixed Wing with Cube and Lidar

Very nice video by pros KG Aviation, featuring the ReadyMade RC Anaconda, flying Ardupilot on the Cube with Lidar assisted autonomous landings:

I have a simple question, so I did not create a separate topic.
I want to collect a managed model controlled by mobile communication.
An analog of a military plane without pilot.
Is there such functionality for the controllers, if so which ones?
I did not understand this for a long time, so I could skip something.
I really hope for understanding.
Thanks to all.

Hi Novell,

Your question is very general, and cannot be answered succinctly here.
I suggest you start with a very thorough reading of Ardupilot documentation, you can start here, and proceed to here. See also this wikipedia entry for a high level overview or Ardupilot.

Once you’ve done this you can ask any specific questions on the Arduplane section of this forum.

Nice video indeed…

Unfortunately all videos of Arduplane automatic landings have also have a nice long landing runway , rarely available in real life scenarios.

I guess I should post in Rant and Raves section about Arduplane , landings and how the project from my user side is actually perceived, a mockery.

Too easy to say and I am sure I am oversimplifying and you know it but …
With no runway, you can always go VTOL and quadplane … :wink:

No , quadplanes are not a solution since without having a variable pitch propeller they all are totally inefficient and you know that very well.

Definitely not as efficient … yet still plenty of flight time for many.
Anyways yes, there’s the “Rant and Raves” section in this forum.

I prefer not to stain OlivierB thread so here is my answer: Arduplane ? Finally a waste of time