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Anaconda Fixed Wing with Cube and Lidar


(Olivier Brousse) #1

Very nice video by pros KG Aviation, featuring the ReadyMade RC Anaconda, flying Ardupilot on the Cube with Lidar assisted autonomous landings:

(Novell) #2

I have a simple question, so I did not create a separate topic.
I want to collect a managed model controlled by mobile communication.
An analog of a military plane without pilot.
Is there such functionality for the controllers, if so which ones?
I did not understand this for a long time, so I could skip something.
I really hope for understanding.
Thanks to all.

(Olivier Brousse) #3

Hi Novell,

Your question is very general, and cannot be answered succinctly here.
I suggest you start with a very thorough reading of Ardupilot documentation, you can start here, and proceed to here. See also this wikipedia entry for a high level overview or Ardupilot.

Once you’ve done this you can ask any specific questions on the Arduplane section of this forum.

(lucamax) #4

Nice video indeed…

Unfortunately all videos of Arduplane automatic landings have also have a nice long landing runway , rarely available in real life scenarios.

I guess I should post in Rant and Raves section about Arduplane , landings and how the project from my user side is actually perceived, a mockery.

(Olivier Brousse) #5

Too easy to say and I am sure I am oversimplifying and you know it but …
With no runway, you can always go VTOL and quadplane … :wink:

(lucamax) #6

No , quadplanes are not a solution since without having a variable pitch propeller they all are totally inefficient and you know that very well.

(Olivier Brousse) #7

Definitely not as efficient … yet still plenty of flight time for many.
Anyways yes, there’s the “Rant and Raves” section in this forum.

(peterbarker) #8

(lucamax) #9

I prefer not to stain OlivierB thread so here is my answer: Arduplane ? Finally a waste of time