An question about Maxbotic I2C Sonar Rangefinder

I Had got a Maxbotic I2C Sonar on my car, the sonar’s date is ok! but my car dose not execute the avoid roadblock movement. the car will go sthight forward as if there is not a roadblock.

“Dodge” Avoidance and Simple Avoidance are two mode of Object Avoidance .

I tried the Object Avoidance in auto_mode and guided_mode, i found in guidedmode the Object Avoidance worked well, but in automode it doesnt work. is that the reason Simple Avoidance work but “Dodge” Avoidance dosent work???

i guess some parameter im MP have be set, but i have no ideal. i find some subject witch use a analog sensor, so i come here for help to deal with a I2C Sonar .thanks a lot.


Another user tested avoidance in Auto about 6 weeks ago and it worked. Do you have a dataflash log? With a log we can narrow down better whether the issue is the sonar, a configuration or the software.

thank you very much for replay.i dont have a dateflash log.i will learn how to save a log .and i think that will be helpful. thanks again.