An Open Source Frsky Telemetry Script for the Horus X10,X12 and Taranis X9D,X9E and QX7 radios

i have looked and looked got me beat :bowing_man:

if theses dont then i give up lol
i used Saleae Logic 1.2.18
logic test (96.7 KB)

yes, this one looks ok :+1:

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i put longer leads moved it out of the plane

Colin, which firmware did you load on the teensy?

Colin I think I know why you loose GPS after plugging in the 3rd flvss.
Triggered by your issue I did some research on a way to improve the current packet scheduler, you can find my article here

Back to your problem, you have 4 external sensors plugged on the bus in addition to ardupilot acting as “virtual” sensor 0x1B, by looking at this table

you can see that your telemetry stream is at 14Hz, so ardupilot gets a chance to send a telemetry packet every 72ms.
The default ardupilot packet scheduler is unable to cope with such a low telemetry data rate and lets low priority packets (gps in your case) starve.
In the current scheduler GPS is the packet with the longest period (1000ms) so it never gets a chance to be sent.

Would you be interested in trying an alternative scheduler to see if it fixes your issue?
What plane version are you using?


using Plane 3.9.8 on a cube

which version would you choose here
Cube Black, Purple,Yellow or other boards?

…cube versions are proliferating :slight_smile:


Cube Black

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Hi Colin
I compiled it for you but you can compile it yourself
ArduPlane 3.9.8 custom scheduler CubeBlack build

Edit one more thing, could you do a trace dump with the logic analyzer of the new scheduler with your full configuration :slight_smile:

well the gps is alive but the currret is not
dump (31.6 KB)

Hi Colin
this is weird for I see packets 0x5003 being sent and 0x5003 is current + voltage + battery 1 capacity.
Are you receiving voltage + battery capacity infos?
Is current working with my experimental build with no additional sensors?

thanks again for your help,

i am receiving voltage + battery capacity infos
for about a min it all worked after cold reboot of the cube
i did get a dump before it stop
all working .zip (31.3 KB)
after it stop i took all all the FLVSS off and reboot still on current

the sequence

cold boot
3 flvss + gas + cube new scheduler = all good (current,gps,voltage.etc)
after 1 minute STOP working (current?,gps?voltage?, what exactely did stop?)

gas suite + cube new scheduler = all works but no current?

Edit this does not make sense, I checked your dump and all packets are there, no reason for stopping except that I produced a buggy build, which could be, can you compile it yourself as a double check?

yes all works for 1 min
just the current stops
may be its openTX 2.2.3 on the horus 12s may be the issue with the current ?

may be i will try and feed s-port into the module bay of an old X9D i have

…it will not work, you need a receiver in between to do the polling

Colin can you do a trace dump after it stops working with 3FLVSS + GAS SUITE + Cube?

ok i will plug one into s-port now see how it goes

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