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An idea to extend the arduboat functionality

Hello all…
I am a sport angler (no kill - I adhere to the principle of catch and release) and I have a bait boat. This is a specific boat because it is used for baiting.
It is important for anglers to always bring the bait to the same point.
Arduboat allows you to set several points but these are always the points through which the boat flows towards the last one.
The owners of bait boats need each point to be independent.
We have a lake on which I set 10 points after scanning the bottom.
For me it is important that I can choose I want to go to point 7. The boat goes to point 7, opens the flaps (using a servo), drops the bait ball and returns home. Reloading the boat I choose point 3 and the same situation drops the bait ball and returns home.
There is no such option in Arduboat. I talked to Randy Mackay and asked me to set up a new forum topic.

Around the world, people fish sportily using bait boats. Unfortunately, the most important points in fishing are always treated as a single point to which you should go.
The best solution would be to choose switch on the transmitter to allow choosing the waypoint.

Here’s more or less what the movie looks like before I shoot my movie.

APM Planner 2.0 is very good but for making a map of the lake, e.g. using a deeper fishfinder. However, the possibility of choosing a single GPS point from the transmitter or using APM Planer is the most important thing with bait boats.
The lack of this option, unfortunately, cancels the use of arduboat. Which I regret very much.
Of course, points would have to be saved permanently. So that I could come to the lake in a year and choose exactly the same point :wink:
Thank you in advance for your comments.


i think you could do this a few ways. You could create a mission with all the waypoints each followed by a RTL. Then select the current mission item such that you go to the waypoint you want then hit the RTL.

The second way would be the new scripting functionality.


I very much like @iampete’s idea about using scripting. I think the only thing we are missing is a “binding” to allowing getting/setting the active mission command.


I added a video on youtube with English subtitles. How does it look like in another autopilot. Save point 0 (Home) and point 1 and sailing to and from them.

If I had to test something, no problem my pixhawk already ordered;)


Is it possible to add new functionality that @iampete is writing about in the near future when you finish the Rover 4.0 frimware ?? I really care about this function;) I bought a pixhawk specially for this;)
Thank you for your answer…

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@stryjekryjek, I think it’s possible. @iampete has written the scripting binding recently so we’re getting close.

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