An autonomous Delivery Drone with precision

My final year project is working on a delivery drone that can deliver a lunch/food to offices around my small town.

I have some questions that I would like to ask.

  1. How can I make the drone be able to locate these offices?

  2. How can I be sure that the drone delivered the package to the right person?

  3. I would like to integrate Arduino, such that it will call the person it is delivering a package to and tell the person that it has arrived before it now lands?

  4. How can I make it autonomous such that it can still take off and return to base after the delivery without me controlling it manually?

  5. If all those above can be programmed in a particular flight controller like ardupilot and pixhawk hardware, how can I do it?

Iā€™m a newbie kind off, my questions might be totally odd.

Yes, it is all possible with pixhawk and a companion computer like a raspberry pi.
Your questions are too general. I suggest you read the existing comprehensive documentation and ask specific questions after that. start by looking at

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Lucas offered some sound suggestions. Also, depending on the time and expertise that you have available I suggest you research all of these challenges but only implement what you can achieve, for example: just the drone autopilot or just the raspberry pi portion (calling the person when drone reaches their location).

Reading through the documentation multiple times is what will teach you how to build drones and get them to do what you want. Most of your design is well documented in the docs, which is good.

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