AMP draw on 980kv motors 1055 props

New to this so apologies if this is obvious. I have been benchmarking my motors. 980kv, 1055 props, 30a ESCs, I get about 700g of thrust.

But, according to the logs in missionplanner, the max draw on the battery (for a single motor, all the others are disconnected), is only about 3 amps. As you can see from the screenshot, when I go to full throttle the amps peak around 3.5 then come down.

Does this sound correct? My understanding is that I would be expecting to see MUCH higher amperages?

Using a pixhawk 2 with 3dr power monitor.

I usually measure the draw and adjust the battery monitor.

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That sounded right to me so I checked it with one of my logs. Yep 12.4 amps on hover with a max of about 30 amps under full power. That’s for all 4 motors. I only have 20 amp ESC’s.

Let’s do some math. 5200 mAh battery will give you 80% of that for an hour. Can’t run them dead you know. So lets use 4 amps for and hour. That would mean you could run one motor for an hour. That’s great! Now divide that by 4 for four motors. Now your down to 15 minutes which is the best you can expect with that setup.


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