Amazing mRo Control Zero Autopilot (New)

Wow!!! amazing the size and performance of the new “mRo Control Zero” autopilot from , in its core, is a universal development board and comes fully supported by PX4 and Ardupilot. If you require further customization, the mRo Control Zero will come with all the libraries and examples that will allow you to initialize and access all the board sensors and functions directly via our reference code.

I made a multirotor and it flies incredibly well autonomously and I made a boat too that sails beautiful. Integrating it was very easy due to its little form factor and two PicoClasp connectors. By the way it comes with the new German-made Bosch BMI088 6DOF that features a proprietary internal vibration dampening and heavily shielded from EMI.

mRobotics rocks!

Take a look here

Good day, i can confirm that this fc is awesome, i would like know more about the reference code for learn and implement this fc

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