Always starts in esc calibration mode?

first PX4 build, ive built a few APM quads and a bunch of naze racers, this is my first big X8 build.
im using a pixhawk lite from goodluckbuy, emax 4in1 30A esc’s, emax bl2800 series motors.
long story short every time i power up the quad the 4in1 ESC’s go into calibration mode.
if i plug in the batteries then immediately hold the safety button till it turns solid then the escs do their little startup tones, unplug and plug back in and calibration mode.
any ideas?

I’ve found some ESC’s to be a real pain. I bought 4, of the 4 in 1 ESC’s, (ZTW Spider). I have yet to get one working. Tried 2 on same setup, neither worked. Can’t remember right now what the problem was, but I gave up. Good luck, and I’ll be watching this post to see if there are any ideas for your solution. :slight_smile: