Always send MAVLink Data?


Is there a way for MAVLink Data to be broadcasted without it being requested by an MissionPlanner like App sitting on a Tablet?

I’m running a TBS CrossFire / FrSky Horus X12S combo which allows for MAVLink Data to be transmitted ( CRSF ) and displayed ( Horus ) but not without the MAVLink Data first being jumpstarted into motion by temporarily connecting an App like MissionPlanner to the System kind of defeating the purpose of not needing a Tablet for basic operation like keeping tabs on height, distance, battery voltage, etc…

Thanks in Advance!
Durahl =)

I guess it would be possible to start automatically. You could scan for a Mavlink autostart script on the flight controller SD card with parameters you want to send and use it if it is found. It is true that FrSky is currently only a one way link I think and even when it isnt there will be legacy RC so it would be a good idea.

I was able to solve the issue by actually following the recommended SRx Settings in the CrossFire Manual.

I initially had the Telemetry settings applied to the wrong Serial Port and while it would still transmit Data to the Tx once the dataflow had been set into motion by an external source like my Surface PRO running Mission Planner ( hence my idea of using the proper Serial ) changing it to the proper SRx Port would automatically broadcast it without the use of an App requesting it beforehand =)