Aluminum case for GPS receivers

In the last few years, I’ve seen more and more GPS modules for UAV usage be in an enclosed aluminum case, with an external antenna. Like the CUAV 9P/9Ps and the Holybro H-RTK series.

Does an aluminum case around the receiver help reduce interference, or increase the signal-to-noise ratio? Most GPS receivers already have a small aluminum shield soldered/glued to the PCB. Would a F9P kit from ArduSimple or Sparkfun (without an aluminum case) perform worse than the CUAV or Holybro modules?

If anyone is interested, my question was answered on the u-blox forums.
So have a case around the GPS receiver does help reduce RF interference, but it also greatly helps reduce the airflow around the receiver, as sudden temperature changes will affect the TCXO, will seem like sudden accelerations and might cause a loss of carrier lock.

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Thanks for the useful info John.
Also I’m betting there would still be tin or steel shielding around particular sections of the receiver just as if it was only encased in plastic. I believe aluminium is not great as an EM shield (but still useful), and a ferrous metal is going to be better.

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