Altitude in Mission Planning

I have a question regarding what altitude to use in mission planning. I hope this makes sense. I’m new to this so if this seems obvious, my apologies. My confusion stems from the use of the ‘Verify Height’ check box and what effect it has on the altitude settings.

If the check box is disabled, the altitude settings appear to reflect the altitude above where the copter was armed. In other words, when the copter is armed, that altitude is the 0m mark and any altitude settings in your mission plan are meters above that 0m altitude. Another way of looking at it is that all altitude settings are ‘height above ground level’ assuming your flying field is relatively flat.

All of this changes when the ‘Verify Height’ check box is checked. It appears to me that when it is checked, that mission planner begins to use ‘height above sea level’ plus the ‘Default Alt’ setting. At my field, all of the way points I enter default to roughly 290m. I’m concerned that if I leave the ‘verify height’ settings in place that my copter will climb to 290m above ground level.

I hope this makes sense. Maybe I should just not use the ‘Verify Height’ since my field is relatively flat, but I was curious how it worked.



Yes, your expectation is right. I’ve never flown it with verify on though. It’s supposed to use terrain data (google I think) so that you can be sure that you don’t fly into a hill or what ever.

But yeah, I’m in a similar boat ~200 feet above sea level, but it’s surprisingly good data as I have some rolling hills and the data seems to know about that.

But I am not about to fly a mission built with that data yet becasue I’m pretty sure my 10m setting would actually fly up to 210m and that’s not where I want to be.

I had an issue where I had the distance set to meters, but the speed set to feet-per-second, and that cause Mission planner to send ‘feet’ to the device. So when I thought I’d be at 50meters, I clipped the tops of some 55feet tall trees.

So I’m not gonna try it. I’ll let you go first and report back :slight_smile: