Altitude Hold not consistently working

The last two flying days I’ve had I ran into some very strange behavior of my hex.

Flying has mostly consisted of alt-hold takeoffs, very casual flying around and landing. Sometimes I try the following:

[li]Start in alt-hold[/li]
[li]Hover then switch to stabilize[/li]
[li]Punch Throttle so copter vertically takes off (no higher than 40 feet directly above me)[/li]
[li]Switch to alt-hold to bring down safely[/li][/ul]

This is when the strange behavior becomes apparent. Both times this happened to me it was directly after a quick takeoff described above, then feels suddenly like the alt-hold controls have become “less sensitive”, she doesn’t twitch the same way. First time I had MP helping provide real-time info, but the second did not.

On both occasions I just stayed calm and brought it down slowly, which was successful but didn’t bring back functionality until I disarmed and rearmed the copter, then I got my alt-hold agility back.

Just got home, so I’ll start downloading logs soon and attach as soon as they’re done. Thanks for any and all help.