Altitude hold bug and yaw problem

Hello all. I’m new to APM/Pixhawk, but not a new pilot as I usually fly a NAZE32 on a 250.

I’ve been tuning my newest Bullfrog Frame (550mm 13x5.5 props 4008 380kv on 6s) and it does pretty well (flying in Altitude Hold). I’ve noticed that a hard yaw will cause a pitch and roll instability when I quickly start or stop the yaw. I’ve been slowing down the rate of yaw by lowering ACRO_YAW_P. I thought I had it low enough. When I was testing it again I ended up crashing (broken prop only). I’m wondering if there is something else I can tune to help this issue besides just lowering ACRO_YAW_P.

Also, on my crash the quad ended up-side-down and would not stop the motors spinning even with the throttle all the way down and trying to disarm (yaw left). Is this a bug? I would think they should stop the motors no matter the orientation of the quad.

Below is the BIN file of the crash. I’m still new at reading this but I can’t see any other issues. Thanks!


Bump. Any thoughts? I haven’t calibrated the ESCs yet and will try that next. I will also double check that the CG is centered.

Have you tried autotuning yet? You might also specify what firmware version you’re using.