Altitude drop woobles

Hello from the French Alps :wink:

Here is a recurring problem I’ve got with my mini apm ( ge250 frame ) :

  • Altitude loss wobbles ( happens as descending, sometimes at hover, stops as throttling up, or flying one direction, with two video samples : )

Here are my current Pid settings :

Then the altitude loss “wobbles” logs :

Full Log: … sp=sharing

Baro glitch : while AltHold or Loiter or RTL, the quad sometimes loses 2m/s, when this happens it destabilizes the whole structure, as seen previously, and might sometime lead to a flipover ending with a ground crash …
Wouldn’t there be a “min safe throttle” parameter, as any motor would’nt go below this point, as soon “takeoff” is completed ( kind of 30% if it hoovers at 40% ) ?
Another idea would be to limit the altitude drop to 2m/sec, so the quadcopter would remain “leveled” at altitude drop and wouldn’t wobble any further.

I usually takeoff above 1800 meters going straight to 160m high to take some mountain panoramic pictures … and do the altitude drop by circling the drone above my position, don’t know if it is that clever …

Thanks for any help, notes, clarification on these points :wink:

Just place small piece of cotton on barometer.

this will solve you issue.

When you’re descending, you’re flying through disturbed air that was just whipped up by your props. That’s your turbulence causing the wobbles. Flying forward when coming down gives your props smooth air to stabilize.