Althold vs Poshold vs Loiter

For maiden flights, testing, and fun-flying at <300 ft, what is best: althold, poshold, or loiter?

More specifically, what mode is able to hold the most stable hover while allowing full control?

Seems like poshold is the best, just due to less reliance on the barometer compared to althold. barometer is susceptible to temperature change (e.g. bringing your drone out from your cozy home into a freezing backyard, sunlight, or even slowing down from forward flight causing pressure change…).

The manual for each mode doesnt really compare the very similar modes.

PosHold uses the same Altitude Hold Controller as Loiter. Position Hold has 2 parameters for configuration, Loiter has 6. Before Loiter was improved( search “New Loiter”) Position Hold had a purpose. It has essentially been superseded by Loiter.

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perhaps poshold should be removed or marked as deprecated.