AltHold not responding


My hexa is no longer holding altitude in AltHold and Loiter, as it’s done perfectly for two years. Laterally, Loiter is working fine, and in AltHold, lateral control is as usual, Just that in both modes, the throttle control is fixed and my pixhawk is not acting at all to hold the altitude.

Weight is the same as before, as well as CG and flight frame hardware in general. Only new thing is that I replaced the PET bottle of ballast water with the SDLR gimbal and its camera, which are totally stand alone with own power and control, except the shutter connection to my PixHawk. (And this should have no effect on AltHold IMO.)

Made a total reflash of my pixhawk yesterday after several days of testing and looking through the parameters. I’ve calibrated accelerometers, Compass and made another CompasMot calibration with all powers on with exactly the same behavior.

Attaching todays last test flight log and a screen dump of a portion of that flight, where I during a planned ascent initiated in Stabilize, demonstrate that throttle input has no affect in AltHold and Loiter at all when turned on, and no automatic action to hold altitude either.

Please, can anyone help out here!? I’m flat out with new ideas to check what might cause this.

I probably found it!

It’s a problem I didn’t see with APM 2 - it blanks out random fields under “Extended Tuning”.

Altitude Hold P has been set to “0” instead of default “1” due to unknown reason.

I’ll post a link below to my new thread in this matter under a more suitable APM 2 interface forum area.


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