Althold is not good

hello all

my new hexacopter fly well in stab mode. but couldnt do proper althold tuning. so i am having some unwanted vertical small movements that shouldnt be.

hobbyking thorax hexacpter
pixracer firmware:apm copter 3.5.5
emax rs2300 2300kv
fvt blheli 30a
5030 prop
2200 mah 70c lipo

roll axis autotuned. pitch and yaw not tuned yet.

as master leonard hall suggest

AUTOTUNE_MIN_D,0.0005 : selected

as advanced tuning wiki says lowerd
ACCEL_Z_I, 0,5
ACCEL_Z_P, 0,25

related log

related parameters

thank you

Your Z-axis vibe could be better as there is clipping shown on 2 axis. How have you mounted the PixRacer?
The pitch and roll tuning is not good. I suspect you will have to resort to manual tuning as I did on a mini-quad with a PixRacer. Also which compass are you using? The offsets are very high as they tend to be with one of the internal compass’s on the PixRacer.

I agree.
Do you have foam over the Barn?
It’s input is quite noisy.

You have quite a bit of ringing on your Desired to actual roll and pitch

Maybe bring the _FLT values down a bit and reduce aggressiveness of tune and retune.

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