Althold avoidance with SF40c no work

2017-06-17 13-03-27.bin (3.5 MB)
There is issue.

When SF40C cannot determinate the distance and when is not out of range, SF40C return ZERO(This may be due to onboard vibrations that affect sensor).

Due to that, drone wooble and is not usable.

Simple Solution would be to filter out ZERO value.

Please check attached log between 20K and 40K log line.

There’s nothing at less than many meters of SF40C, and all non zero value match the real context.

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Hello there’s anyone experiencing same issue with sf40?

Is adding zero value filtering resolve this issue?

What is you RNGFND_MIN_CM value? In theory, any range finder value, which is less that that or larger than RNGFND_MAX_CM should cause switch from range finder to baro, so if your MIN_CM is any bigger than 0 this should be already “filtered”.

Hello Arif, SF40C is not used as rangfinder RNGFND…, it’s only used in PRX (proximity), and we cannot set MIN_value.

So If there’s possible for dev to add PRX_MIN_CM and PRX_MAX_CM it will be great.

Kind regards.

Thanks for the report. I’ve created an issue here. I think it is quite a simple fix but won’t make it into AC3.5 but could potentially go into a future point release.