Alt Hold Reverse Stick Control

I have stabilize mode working relatively well. I tried changing to Alt Hold mode, and although I still need to tune it a bit more for better performance, the quadcopter does hold altitude relatively well, however my problem is that when I try to move the copter (pitch, roll or yaw) the controls are reversed from when it is in stabilize (simple) mode.

I am not sure why that would be, and I have not seen any indication in the manual of what would cause this.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or does this point to something obvious that I have not done correctly in the setup of my copter?

Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Relatively new to this forum. Maybe this has been answered already but I could not find it.


According to the Arducopter Wiki, the stabilize mode and simple mode are not the same. Which mode were you actually in when switching to Altitude Hold?
TCIII Developer

I just checked to be double sure.

I switch from “Stabilize” (not in simple mode) to AltHold in Simple mode

The copter isn’t coincidentally facing towards you when you switch modes?

Please read the documentation about (super) simple mode again :slight_smile:.

Being in ‘Simple Mode’ for ALT hold was the problem.

Thank you.