Alt Hold goes crazy after 5 minutes, log included

Did quick post with problem before. Log Now included. rkenosa
Log is zipped because it is 7.29 large

I couldn’t find any earlier post from you about ALTH problems. Could you please describe your problem and your setup? Logfiles are very important information but with a logfile alone, it’s also hard to diagnose a problem.

Stephan, I think that first post was lost. So, I was flying my quad and everything was going well. After about 3 to five minutes, I could not get alt hold or loiter to work. It worked fine before that time. What began to happen is the quad would continue to ascend in both althold and loiter, I could only stop the ascent by switching to stabilize. Thanks for you help. rkenosha

From the log, I’m seeing you are using ArduCopter V3.1.3-rc1, please try the current release V3.1.5