Alt_hold flip then crash

Hi All

I’ve been flying cc3d for some time , around 6 months . I then decided to build my 450 with apm 2.5 FC.

After the build , quad flew well in stabilize for the first few flights .
However took it out to a field and decided to try the other modes , eg Alt_hold

Once I used Alt_hold the quad seemed like it was flying well , however when I started flying in Alt_hold the quad flew a short distance , and then just flipped into the ground .

Snapping the boom and prop .

I’d appreciate it if someone could look at my logs to help me find out what the problem could have been?

I checked them but I keep seeing err:ekf_check-2 & err:ekf_check-0

No idea what that is .

Sorry :smiley:

Forgot to upload the logs .