Alt Hold don't working on PX4

Hi to everybody,
I have just mounted a Hexacopter whit the following configuration:
PX4 FMU v 1.7
GPS: u-Blox CN-06 GPS Receiver V3.0 ( … oductname=)
Frame : rctimer X800 ( … oductname=)
Esc: Turnigy 30AE with Olliw firmware with default setting for multi.
Motors: 6x Sunnysky X2212 (980kv)
Prop:rctimer carbon 11x4.7 ( … oductname=)
Battery: 20/30C 3S 3000ma.
Weight in ODV (all inclusive :smiley:) 2,3Kg
If you want you can see the image of my build log: … 6823383537
On time of test I don’t have a dome for the px4, but it was amortized bye rubber dumpers, now I just realized bye 3dPrint a dome, (That will be tested tomorrow)

I try the stable version 3.1.5 it seem to me too “nervous” so I try the 3.2 RC2 that seems to me much more comfortable, and also why I haven’t LOG on that version only empty files.

The problem is on alt hold, every time I try to engage it the hexa start to climb or descent, the vibration seems to be ok, the throttle on hovering it’s around 460.

Of course if don’t work Alt Hold I can use only stabilized mode.

Thank You

Alt Hold is working with my hexa and Pixhawk but I have notice that motors goes a little jerkily while with 3.15 they were smooth.
My hexa has 15,5 " props, 4S batteries , 20A Esc with Simonk firmware, brushless gimball for Sony CX730 weight AUW 2700 grams

I try with a new copter a simple miniquadcopter, witout gps its a 275gr. all inclusive minicopter.
I use turnigy 1811 2900kv with 5’’ propellers.
I try with firmware 3.20, just why with 3.15 I don’t have any log.

Always is impossible to use alt hold so any other advanced futures.

I notice a very strange graph for ctun - alt

of course if this value is used for althold it’s hard to work.

this is the ctun-baro alt

I’am thinking that this board is malfunction, it’s possible?
This is not a particular case on almost all log I have the same.