Alt Hold crash

Hi all,

I’m flying a DJI450 clone with a Micro APM 2.7.2. Ardupilot 3.2.1.

I’m having ongoing issues with AltHold. I had some pretty bad vibrations before, which I think have mostly been resolved. Now, when I put the quad into althold, it veers off to one side, and flips over.

Logs attached, any suggestions would be helpful, ready to bin this thing…

Ok, so my bad. This was caused by the fact that I had my external GPS/Compass misconfigured (I think). I had to change the compass config parameter to ROTATION_ROLL_180. Seems to be sorted now.

I still have an issue with AltHold. My vibrations look ok I think, but the quad doesn’t hold alt very well. Another log attached. Can I tune this out with PIDs.

Interestingly, AltHold was working ok in 3.1.5, it’s only gone a bit wonky since I moved to 3.2.1. Does AltHold work differently in 3.2?


There is no data for vibrations. You have to select +imu to get this. Anyways, have you covered the baro with something? That would be a reason it doesn’t hold altitude or just bounce up and down.

Just to be sure: you are not flying indoors, are you?