Alt changing with yaw

Still 3dr Y6B with Pix Lite, but with new vibration dampening mount.
With 3.4 rc4 new problem: Altitude changes when turning copter. In the log the GPS-Alt seems to be wrong while Baro shows right measurement.
Also tried oneshot 125 - works fine, but it takes more than a minute until all ESCs are armed.



Disabled safety switch -> all ESCs arm immidiately. Anyway - this is no permanent solution.

AltHold Problem is gone, perhaps was related to bad compass calibration.

Works great now, will try follow me later.



When safety switch was enabled, did your motors twitch after unlocking the switch with oneshot125 ? Are you running mot_pwm_type=2?


For anyone using follow-me, of course just make sure you’ve got the latest Tower Beta. You may have seen from previous discussions that Tower was previously sending absolute-altitude requests - we just never noticed until Copter-3.4 came out which includes support for absolute alts and alt-above-terrain.

Re OneShot, yes, Luis and Tridge were discussing something similar this morning.

yes, the motors twitched while giving the ESC arm signal. But it took about 2 min until the last one armed. Yes, I use mot_pwm_type 2.