Alpha 60A Escs Are Not Calibrating

Hi I have Alpha 60A escs. I have tryed to calibrate my escs normally i should have heard beep beep beep as you know but i hear just one and long beep when i try to calibrate. What can be the problem

The T-Motor Alpha ESCs don’t need to be calibrated. Make sure you’re using the 3-pin connector with just the white & black wires. The 3-wire lead is used for the Alpha Datalink (esc firmware flashing etc) and the single yellow is not used. PWM MIN/MAX are 1100/1940.

And the PWM range is:
1100 to 1940

thank you both so much

Can these esc be set to fwd/rev application?

I dont know bro sorry but you can check the tmotor web site

Perhaps if you buy their $150 data link. But I would guess not.

One more thing the datalink program doesnt work the old version works but in this time new motors are not Available