Almost take off

Hi everyone,

As you can see below I have some trouble to take off with my drone :

My set up is the following :

The kit with the flight controller :

esc 20A :

Motors :

Battery :

I checked following aspects :

  • Sensors calibrated
  • ESC calibrated
  • Motors turns in the right direction
  • Propellers are correctly installed
  • orders of PWM signals are plug in the right order into the pixhawk

I just asking to the drone to take off at 1m in mission mode.

I’m propably missing something but I have no idea what …
Any Idea ?

Thank you so much,


  • there is no “mission mode”
  • do not try auto-takeoff on a new build - that’s just crazy.
  • I doubt motor order is correct, this looks exactly as a normal autotakeoff would do with incorrect motor order
  • your video link should be - people can’t edit your video…
  • do not expect help when you don’t post logs